KidWise Inflatables FAQS

What material are your inflatables made of? 

- Denier Nylon Fabric. They are double and triple stitched in designated areas. 

What is the warranty on inflatables? 

- Our inflatables have a 30-day manufacturers warranty. Because this us a fabric product any manufacturers defect will be present immediately. If there is a defect  upon opening or within the 30 day window. Please contact us directly. 


What is the shipping time?

- All ground orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. These items ship via Fedex Ground shipping and can take anywhere between 1-6 days to get to you. 

We offer expedited shipping for an additional cost. 


Are you the manufacturer? 

- Yes, we are the manufacturer of all KidWise Inflatables. 


Can you repair a Inflatable if something were to happen? 

- In most cases, yes. We sell tear aid patches that will create a permanent repair. These patches can be used on holes not on a seam. If the hole is on a seam, you can use wax thread and a hook needle to repair the hole. Please call us for any additional question you may have regarding repairs. 


Do you sell used units? 

- We sell a variety of like-new units. These inflatables are inspected upon arrival and given a A-C rating. We only sell A & B rated units. The product is then inspected once more prior to shipping. 


Congo Play FAQs

What are the playsets made of?

- Congo Playsets are made from Woodguard Lumber, which is a polymer-coated treated southern yellow pine. 

How are they shipped? 

- Playsets are shipped via freight truck on 1-2 pallets. These pallets contain 4-8 boxes per pallet. We package them in 8ft long boxes, which can be moved off the pallet with 2 people. 

The shipping is a curbside liftgate delivery. This means the delivery driver is responsible for unloading the freight via liftgate and placing the pallet(s) to the nearest point to them on the curb/end of driveway. If you would like threshold or white glove delivery, please contact us. 

What is the warranty? 

- The lumber has a 10 year manufacturers warranty. All other components/parts have a 1 year limited warranty.