Monkey Play Set Package #3 White and Sand With Green Accessories
Monkey Play Set Package #3 free shipping - KidWise Outdoors
Monkey Play Set Package #3
Monkey Play Set Package #3
Monkey Play Set Package #3
Monkey Play Set Package #3
Monkey Play Set Package #3
Monkey Play Set Package #3 With Optional Wood Roofs and Rave Slide Upgrade
Monkey Play Set Package #3 White and Sand With Optional Wood Roof & Rave Slide Upgrade. Also shows optional increased height of sandbox.
Monkey Play Set Package #3 free shipping - KidWise Outdoors
Monkey Play Set Package #3 free shipping - KidWise Outdoors
Monkey Play Set Package #3 free shipping - KidWise Outdoors
WoodGuard Polymer-Coated Wood
Monkey Play Set Package #3 - White & Sand Rockwall With Blue Accessories
Optional Upgrade: WoodGuard Polymer-Coated Wood Roof
Optional Upgrade: Avalanche Slide - Front View
Monkey Play Set Package #3 - White & Sand Ladder
Optional Upgrade: Turbo Slide (Shown in blue)
Optional Upgrade: Avalanche Slide - Front View
Optional Upgrade: Back-To-Back Glider With Mounting Bracket
Optional Upgrade: Camo Tarp
Optional Upgrade: Monkey Bar Extension
Monkey Play Set Package #3 - Safety Zone Rendering
Monkey Play Set Package #3 - Upper View Rendering
Monkey Play Set Package #3 - Side View Rendering
Monkey Play Set Package #3 -Top View Rendering
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The Congo Monkey Playsystem Package #3

The Congo Monkey Playsystem Package #3 is an elegant, pre-cut wooden playset with a protective polymer coating. It provides your child with a variety of thrilling activities, including an 8'-long wave slide and a challenging rock wall. The playset also features a large 4' x 7'6" fort for added excitement. Woodguard lumber is 100% splinter-free and requires minimal upkeep, as it is protected from UV radiation and will not crack, chip, rot, or peel. Assemble the Monkey Playsystem Package #3 and provide a secure, exciting play experience for your child! The wood guard lumber will last for years, providing a safe and protected environment for your child to explore and play in. With its durable construction and delightful activities, this playset is sure to be a hit in your backyard.

Loaded with features and fun activities:

Package #3 includes:

  •  4' x 7'6" Fort
  • Turbo Tower
  •  Turbo Slide
  • 5’ Rock Wall with 10 composite rocks
  • Wonder Wave Slide
  • Fireman’s Pole
  • Sand Box
  • 3 Position Swing Beam (including 2 swings and a trapeze bar)!
  • Overall dimensions: 24' x 14' x 12'9" H
  • Recommended dimensions with safety zone: 36’ x 26

Available in 3 color combinations

  1. White & Sand with Green Accessories 
  2. White & Sand with Blue Accessories 
  3. Green & Sand 

About the Play Set:

This play set meets or exceeds standards with strong, durable materials from the swing hangers to the lumber. With high quality and durability, the Monkey Playsystem is also an eco-friendly product. The lumber is treated with borates, a green treatment process, and the polymer coating incorporates recycled plastics. Additionally, the encapsulated lumber is sourced from premium-treated Western Timber. It's designed to last for years, providing a safe, sustainable play experience for your family.

  • The lumber is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and ready to assemble! 
  • The Monkey Playsystem is packaged and ready to assemble. 
  • The play set comes with an owner’s manual including step-by-step instructions. 
  • Conforms to or exceeds current safety standards
  • Requires adult assembly and supervision
  • Intended for Residential use only, commercial and public use prohibited


Want to upgrade your play experience? Take a look at our optional upgrades:

·         Slide: Upgrade to the Avalanche Slide

·         Swings: Add a Back to Back Glider and Bracket 

·         Monkey Climber: Add a Monkey Climber Attachment 

·     Sandbox Kit: Includes 4 boards to increase the height of the sandbox underneath the fort & a sandbox cover 


About the Lumber:

  • Our lumber is premium treated Western Timber. Featuring Woodguard Polymer Coated Lumber – 100% maintenance and splinter-free! The benefits of coated lumber are endless, especially when it comes to playsets:
  • Will, not chip, crack, or peel
  • Lumber will not twist or warp
  • U.V. stabilized formula – will not fade in the sun
  • Polymer coating protects the lumber
  • Solid wood core provides a 100% structural product
  • Excellent cold weather impact properties below -20F; does not become brittle in cold weather
  • No harmful chemical treatments; safety tested for lead and phthalates
  • Non-toxic borate treatment protects against rot and termites!
  • Maintenance-free- no need to paint, seal, finish, or sand ever again!
  • Easy clean up- spray with bio-degradable cleaner such as Simple Green and rinse off


About the Assembly:

  • Lumber and hardware included
  • Simple, illustrated instructions provided
  • More than one person is recommended for the assembly of this playset
  • Assembly will take between 8-16 hours depending on experience level
  • Place the set on level ground, not less than 6ft from any structure or obstruction such as fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines, or electrical wires.
  • ASTM Guidelines recommend a 6’ safety zone around the entire playset
  • Tools required: 3/8" Cordless Drill or Electric Drill, 1/8", 5/16", 3/8"Drill Bits, Drill attachments: Phillips head screw, 3/8" socket driver, torque head screw, 1/2" & 9/16" Open-end Wrenches, Tape Measure, 6 FT Ladder, Carpenter Square, 1/2" & 9/16" Nut drivers, 1/2" & 9/16" std ratchet and sockets, Hammer, Phillips screwdriver #2, Level 24"


Materials, Care and Warranty Information:

  • Lumber is covered by a 10-year Woodguard warranty
  • Non-wooden parts, hardware, roped or chained accessories, slides, metal or plastic components, and canopies/tarps carry a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects,
  • All defective parts are discovered and reported immediately and will be replaced at no charge to the registered customer.
  • After 30 days the customer will be responsible for shipping charges on warranty replacement items.
  • For replacement parts and Customer Service please contact KidWise Outdoors at 866-543-9473
  • Nonresidential, public, or commercial use will void all warranties.


Shipping Information:

  • The freight trucking company will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment
  • Curbside liftgate delivery, will not be moved into your home or garage
  • Must be present to accept delivery
  • Please inspect the delivery any visible damages must be noted on the delivery receipt. The delivery receipt is a legal document. You must inspect the packages delivered and note any visible damages upon delivery to make them eligible for damage claims.
  • For more information on freight delivery please click  here 
  • Threshold or White Glove delivery is available for a upcharge (not valid for some areas) 



Our current order processing time is 2-4 weeks depending on color and add-ons chosen.

Actual freight shipping time varies based on location. It can take 2-10 business days for shipping.

Shipping is a curbside liftgate freight shipment. A delivery appointment is required. The carrier is responsible for removing the item via liftgate and delivering it to the nearest point of the driveway/curb. Please inspect your shipment for damages before signing.

Threshold or White Glove Delivery is an added cost.

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Listen, it's not just a playset.

From our customers

Endless Imagination

What just starts as a playset will soon be a boat, secret base or pirate ship!

Gross Motor Activites

Climbing and sliding helps children exercise their bodies in a natural and fun way boosting their endorphins and vestibular system.

Sensory Regulation

Kids are easily overstimulated. Swinging is one of the best ways to reset and develop their sensory system.

Product Specifications

Protect Your Lawn and Your Little Ones.

Safety Surfacing

Professional Installer or DIY?

The choice is yours. Let us assist you with finding an installer or preview our instruction manuals here to get an idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can add-on accessories, slides, additional towers or any of our add-on and upgrades at a later time.

You can even turn it into one of the larger packages!

Quality Materials! Congo Playsets are made with Woodguard Lumber, which is a Southern-Pine treated with a non-toxic, natural borate solution then wrapped in a polymer-coated.

You will never have to worry about sanding, staining or splinters!

Of course this question really depends on the development, height and physical ability of you child. We recommend the for ages 3-12, but we do offer many adaptable options for 6 months+!

Our order processing time is about 3-4 days, then freight shipping can take up to 10 business days.

The playset itself is a modular playset. Meaning anything on the same deck can be moved to a different position on that same deck.

The swing beam can be flipped.

We also offer separate swing beams or a playset with no swing beam!

Reach out if you have any other customization requests.

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